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The Great 2017 Mugs4Bugs challenge – great prizes to win!

MUGS4BUGS challenge background

Michael, our Product Manager, has gone insane. Not only does he do insane workouts. (He can hardly walk down the stairs after one of these). No, he is also very secretive about his plans for our app “treffn” for iPhones.

Would you believe he keeps a secret list of things he considers “good but not yet good enough” in the app? Yes, a SECRET list.

You Techies would not understand, anyway.” he says.

He may be right about that one.

But he says he‘ll share his list with me if I produce a list that‘s at least as complete as his. Challenge accepted!

Care to work with me here? I simply have to create that list, and I am willing to part with some awesome prizes to get it! I need the best minds to help me with my list and “defeat” Michael. Because he may be insane, but he ain’t stupid.

The Mugs4Bugs challenge

So today, I am starting the „Mugs4Bugs“ challenge. Don‘t worry, Mugs is not all there is to gain, but “AwesomePrizes4Bugs” just did not sound right. And it‘s not just about bugs either, any relevant feedback or idea will help me to get the upper hand! And I’ll give out handsome rewards for my best contributors!

It’s easy to win, all the rules and how to participate are explained here.

What’s in for you?50$ voucher AMAZON

The winners of the challenge will gain the love of all our developers and will also receive one of these prizes:

  1. a 50 USD / EUR Amazon voucher
  2. one of five 20 USD / EUR Amazon vouchers
  3. one of 10 of our legendary treffn color mugs –  shipped to their home address (unless shipping to you is ridiculously expensive, in which case we’ll offer a voucher of equal value to the Mug instead)

How much time do you have?

The challenge has started on December 21, 2016, and will end on January 15, 2017, at midnight (EST).

Don’t loose time and start right now! It’s easy to collect additional entries:


Happy holidays and Good Luck!

Lyubo (iOS Lead Developer)

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